If there is no real benefit to the homeowner in advertising the home in print ads, internet advertising, or other forms of marketing, why do Realtors spend so much time talking about how much they are going to advertise your home.
There are 2 reasons, both equally important.

  1. The first reason has already been discussed. Homeowners are still asking about advertising, because they still think there is value in advertising.
  2. The second reason is because the Realtor wants to advertise your home. It provides recognition that the Realtor is active in your area, which Realtors want other homeowners to see so they can get more “Listings” (homes for sale).
Most homeowners are influenced by these ads, and often contact active Realtors in their area when they are ready to sell their home. Homeowners don’t really know another way to find Realtors, other than asking friends and family.
So, in truth, Realtors want homeowners to ask how their home is going to be advertised, because the ONLY benefit of advertising a home in print media, is to promote the image of the Realtor.