This is a revelation for most homeowners, and some homeowners will have a difficult time accepting this fact.
The Internet has totally changed how homes are sold, yet homeowners continue to ask the wrong questions when talking to a Realtor about selling their home. The main thing most homeowners want to know is “how are you going to advertise my home”.
This was an important question in the 1990s when real estate companies had to put ads in newspapers and magazines to entice prospective buyers; but print advertising has virtually zero impact on selling a home.
That is a difficult reality for homeowners to accept, because that has been the biggest value of the Realtor and company for decades, but with the Internet, all that has changed.
Realtors will contest this vigorously, because they need to sell you on the value of their marketing/advertising, otherwise they bring little (if any) added value to the homeowner.
The truth is that paid advertising of a home for sale is a thing of the past, before everyone could instantaneously find any property, anywhere, anytime, on their “smart” phone, with dozens of pictures, free valuations, and an abundance of information about the area.
This will undoubtedly be difficult for many homeowners to believe, so let’s look at how a home is sold.
Every Realtor has access to the MLS, short for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS can only be modified by a Realtor. They enter the information about your home and include pictures, and sometimes a virtual tour.
When a home is entered into the MLS, that information is sent to every web site that includes homes for sale. Literally within seconds, your home can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime of day or night.
The vast majority of buyers don’t search for homes in print ads. Buyers are searching the main web sites like, but this does not matter, because the information is virtually the same on all the web sites.
The information provided is what the buyer wants to see. The buyer enters the criteria, which includes a minimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price (range or maximum). Buyers can include additional criteria like size (square footage) of the home and even the size of the lot/land that the home sits on.
Buyers want the information filtered so they can view properties that have their exact requirements. Browsing through a newspaper or magazine is a waste of time, and in a time when people want information instantaneously, searching a print ad is useless.
Once you accept that there is no value in advertising your home, you become more empowered to make a better decision on selecting a Realtor.
If you are still unconvinced, look at how many Realtors send out postcards saying “sold in 1 day” or “sold in less than a week”, maybe this will make you a believer.