This is a revelation for most homeowners, and some homeowners will have a difficult time accepting this fact.

The Internet has totally changed how homes are sold, yet many homeowners continue to ask the wrong questions when talking to a REALTOR® about selling their home. The main question that many homeowners ask is how the REALTOR® is going to advertise their home.

This was an important question in the 1990s when real estate companies had to put ads in newspapers and magazines to entice prospective buyers; but today buyers are looking at homes on their smart phones or tablets.

Looking through a newspaper or magazine to find a home is (for the vast majority of buyers) a thing of the past.

Nowadays buyers can find any property, anywhere, anytime, on their “smart” phone; with dozens of pictures, free valuations, and an abundance of information about the area.

Every REALTOR® has access to the MLS, short for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS can only be modified by a REALTOR®, the Listing Agent. They enter the information about your home and include pictures, and sometimes a virtual tour.

When a home is entered into the MLS, that information is downloaded to every website that includes homes for sale. Literally within seconds, your home can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime of day or night.

Buyers don’t search for homes in print ads, they search the Internet. Most buyers are searching the major websites, like, but this does not matter, because the information is virtually the same on all the websites.

The information provided is what the buyer wants to see. The buyer enters the criteria, which includes a minimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price (range or maximum).

Buyers want the information filtered so they can view properties that have their exact requirements. Browsing through a newspaper or magazine (for most) is a waste of time. Buyers want immediate access to specific information, which is readily available from the MLS, via the Internet.

With information so easily accessible, it is easy to understand why many homes are sold in less than 30 days, with many being sold in under a week.

Homeowners should NOT be asking their REALTOR® about advertising.

The question they should be asking is how can they get the most money for their home, a question I can easily answer.

If you want to know what questions you should be asking, see the section on Selecting a REALTOR®.