Realtors are constantly trying to created added value in the services they provide, and will often try to sell you on their unique advertising and marketing programs. The goal is to get the homeowner to believe that these alternative methods will yield results, when in truth, none of these have any actual impact on the sale of your home.
Examples of the latest marketing campaigns:
Realtors are now sending hundreds of emails (electronic brochures) to other Realtors. This is a very low-cost service offered by companies, that is totally useless.
Realtors are now using companies to text and call Realtors with announcements about properties. Another totally useless service.
Realtors want to convince you that they can make a difference. Some will talk about Facebook, and the newest apps, while others will mention other alternatives like international advertising.
All methods of advertising and promoting your property are virtually useless because buyers will find your home easily and quickly on the Internet, and they are searching day and night.