This web site has an abundance of information that will empower any homeowner to get more money on the sale of their home.
There are a few fundamental truths that will be explained in detail (some with examples) throughout the web site, but here are some of the main points:
  1. The Realtor that you select to sell your home will have virtually no impact on how fast your home sells, or the price you get for your home. This Realtor is called the “Listing Agent” and the contract used is called a “Listing Agreement”.
  2. The Realtor that actually sells your home is most likely going to be another Realtor, most likely from a different real estate company. This Realtor is referred to as a Buyer’s Agent. In the Listing Agreement, the Buyer’s Agent is called the “Selling Agent”.
  3. The Buyer and the Buyer’s Agent don’t care what you or your Listing Agent think about the property, or say about the property. With homes selling all around you, both Buyer and Buyer’s Agent know the value of homes in your area.
  4. There is a saying known by just about every Realtor that goes “a home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay”.
  5. Realtors work on 100% commission. If the house does not sell, nobody gets paid, and all the time invested was wasted.
  6. Realtors do “Open House” because it is the best way to pick up buyers. It has virtually nothing to do with selling your house.
  7. In the 16 years that I have been doing Open Houses, I never had one buyer purchase the house where we met.
  8. The goal of both Realtors is to close the sale. To accomplish this, the Buyer’s Agent will try to get the buyer to offer the highest price possible, and the Listing Agent will try to get the homeowner to reduce the price as much as possible.
  9. Every Realtor wants to be the Listing Agent, because the homeowner is contractually obligated to sell their home with that Realtor.
  10. Buyer’s Agents have no contractual agreement with buyers (in the vast majority of cases). Buyers can change Realtors as often as they like.
  11. There is virtually no value in advertising your home in any way. All the Listing Agent has to do is enter the information and pictures into a system called the “MLS”, short for Multiple Listing Service. Within minutes, everyone in world can see your property.
  12. Buyers don’t want to waste time looking through newspapers or magazines for a home. The search engines on real estate web sites allow buyers to set filters to only see the homes that meet their criteria.
  13. When the homeowner and buyer agree on a price, terms and conditions, the Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent normally use Transaction Coordinators to handle the paperwork from that point forward, with very little interaction from the Realtors.
  14. If you select a top producing Realtor, you will most likely be serviced by his/her assistant.